Killer Carryalls for Men


It looks like men's fashion accessories are finally starting to get away from man purses and making a move toward much more masculine carryalls. I'm just biding my time until we get back to baggy cargo pants so I can carry all my stuff in all the pockets all over my pants.


When it comes to guys' accessories, the ladies have us beat in one major department: bags. They've got entire department floors full of purses, clutches, crossbodies, and more that can hold everyday essentials — and even a change of clothes. Plus, when springtime comes — it's almost here! — dudes don't have the luxury of overcoats to hide their wallets, keys, pens, gum, toolbox...well, you get the point.

o help the menfolk get in on the carryall craze, we've curated a list of man bags that cover everything from the workweek grind to a quick weekend escape to a gym jaunt, in a variety of colors, silhouettes, and price points for fancy gents and laid-back lads alike. Read More

D. McMillin

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