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Been looking far and wide for age-appropriate gift ideas that’ll duly surprise and delight the adolescents, tweens and teens on your list? Consider this assortment of gift list worthy goodies that would undoubtedly earn Santa’s seal of approval:

Tahitian Baroque Pearl and Leather Necklace and Bracelet ( - $90 (Bracelet); $159 (Necklace)

This chic necklace features a single, 10.0-11.0 mm baroque-shape Tahitian pearl, strung on a strong leather strap. The unisex necklace has an adjustable length clasp, and it can be worn tight like a choker or loosely as a casual piece. The pearls used in this neckpiece are of the finest, AAA quality. Each pearl features a dark body color with exquisite peacock overtones. The pearls also exhibit sharp, mirror-like luster.The Tahitian Baroque Pearl and Leather Bracelet features a stylish, fashion-forward design, which was created by jewelry designer Jennifer Cross. Three baroque Tahitian pearls are set on twisted leather creating a casual yet exotic look. You may choose the pearls in the size range of 8.0-9.0 mm or 9.0-10.0 mm in diameter. These pearls also exhibit sharp luster and beautiful overtones. The bracelet comes in different lengths -- from 7 inches to 8.5 inches.

Travel Buddies Luggage ( - $89.99

Aliens have invaded TrendyKid’s latest collection of Travel Buddies luggage designed for little travelers. Never fear, these are friendly beings that kids will love for both overnights with friends and travels with family. Archie Alien, along with Lola Lady Bug and Pom the Panda, join Percy Penguin as part of TrendyKid’s line of sturdy two-piece Travel Buddies luggage sets. These are comprised of a 17” wheelie suitcase and matching 13” back pack. Each piece features a lightweight ABS hard shell design and organizational amenities for compact packing. The 17” suitcase has a polyester lining with dividing pocket and zip compartment, internal garment straps, easy-roll wheels that are color coordinated with the case exterior and adjustable, multi-length handle. The 13” backpack, which features a carry handle, adjustable back straps and an internal pocket, is large enough to accommodate all the essentials: crayons, snacks, small toys, electronic games, books and more.


PONGO ( - $40

PONGO is a portable ping pong set that provides instant fun, day or night, rain or shine, on any smooth tabletop with no mounting required! The set includes two ping pong paddles with retractable handles, a portable net, two ping pong balls and a drawstring pouch for storage. Its weighted net can be set up on any smooth surface table up to 72” (183 cm). Designed by Stephan Copeland, PONGO has a modern look and is styled in gray and red colors for a fun enhancement to any party. It is also a great way to have some unplugged indoor fun when it is cold outside. Parents may find themselves having a high-energy game or two with the kids over the holiday season.


EX3D Glasses ( - $24.99-$35

Marchon3D’s new line of EX3D glasses blends comfort, style and the best 3D technology on the market to enhance your 3D viewing experience. With an array of frame styles and colors for kids, a personal pair of EX3D glasses is the hottest gift for your movie buff!  The glasses feature Marchon3D’s premier M3D circular polarized lens technology to create a superior 3D viewing experience over generic flat lenses. The M3D curved lenses lead to less eyestrain than flat lenses because they reduce distracting reflections and light contamination from lens surfaces. They also provide a wider field of peripheral viewing and enable more comfortable, better fitting eyewear for long wearing use. EX3D glasses are RealD certified and also work on most passive 3D TV’s, laptops and gaming systems for versatile use both at the movies and at home.


Soft Kitty Plushie ( - $29.99

Not only is this Kitty Plush toy super cute and cuddly, but it also sings song lyrics to help a child calm down and relax. This is the perfect gift for whenever they are feeling even a little bit under the weather or sad.  A full ten inches long, this grey and pink plushie is the perfect size to snuggle with to feel instantly better. Press the button on its paw to hear the wildly popular “Soft Kitty” song uniquely inspired by the CBS hit The Big Bang Theory. You will be hard pressed to find a cuter plush toy or more in demand pop culture collectable this season. Who could resist a sweet song with lyrics like: “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.  Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr." Before you buy, you can even enjoy the song online at the StylinOnline website and watch the portion of the BBT episode that inspired this purr-fect plushie. A soft kitty shirt is also available but sold separately.


Voice Rockrz Mic ( - $24.99

Much more than a microphone, the Voice Rockrz Mic transforms performances, propelling any show from the living room to the stage. The interactive microphone “magically” changes a child’s voice as they perform with just a tap of the included accessories – a ring and bracelet – to the Mic target zone. Kids can sound like stars and elevate their performances to new heights with the Mic’s incredible Hi-Note, Echo-Tastic and Robot-Riffic voice effects. They can also cycle through concert sound effects like an audience applause and crescendo-ing drumroll with the simple press of the FX button on the Voice Rockrz Mic. By plugging in any MP3 player (not included) into the 1/8th” jack, kids can rock on by singing along to their favorite songs using the Voice Rockrz voice effects. The Mic is available in pink with a flower ring and a cute skull bracelet or blue with a skull ring and zipper bracelet. It requires three AAA batteries, which are even included.


MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive ( - $22.95-$119.95

For boys and girls, Mimoco offers a wide range of designer, pop culture-inspired USB flash drives. My fav’s include theDarth Vader Unmasked MIMOBOT featuring Star Wars' dark lord of the Sith. Remove Darth Vader's helmet to reveal his face below, with a one-in-six chance that face is the Return of the Jedi-era pale, scarred countenance. Hot on the heels of Mimoco’s Vintage Batman release comes the full Batman x MIMOBOT collection with a brand-new Batman design! Boasting the signature blue and grey of his recent comic book appearances, Batman MIMOBOT is here to protectGothamnot to mention important data. A decidedly girlier option is to go up, up and away with the Sanio Hello Kitty Balloon MIMOBOT.The price depends on the GB size you choose, which ranges from 2GB to 64GB. Whatever you choose, kids are sure to love this unique and practical gift to keep all their school work, creative designs, and photos in a safe place.


Cahootie ( - $6.99

Unplug the computer, turn off the television and put away the video games! Cahootie has modernized the iconic handmade “cootie catcher” and “fortune-telling” game you played as a kid, offering Tweens and their families an escape to a simpler yet precious time when fun and excitement were possible without a power cord and an outlet. This game of friend bonding reveals different questions, fortunes and challenges for everyone; simply pick a flap and unfold to find out what is in store for you next. Cahooties are made of pre-folded, rip-resistant laminated paper with bold, colorful graphics. Eye-catching packaging includes 40 removable and interchangeable stickers that fit one of nine themes, “Wishes & Dreams,” “Truth or Dare,” “Would You,” “My Fab Future,” “Birthday Wishes,” “Sporty Girls,” “Best Friends Forever,” “My Fab Family,” and “Girl Wonders.”  Great for the holidays, Cahootie has also introduced the newest addition to their award-winning product line - the Fashionista Cahootie.  Filled with super fun questions and fabulous fortunes all geared towards those with a passion for fashion, the new Fashionista Cahootie is a way for Tweens to get together with friends to discover their own personal style.

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