Kim Kardashian's Maternity Fashion Dos and Don'ts

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

leather pants more often than not. Follow the link below to check out a fun and witty piece on her maternity styles.


This woman is writing her own pregnancy dress code — from peplum pants to leather leggings to the world's most painful-looking shoes, she's determined not to have a casual day, ever. Her resilience is amazing.

1. Wear white pantsuits that make you look like you've been whipped to stiff peaks.

If you're not Mary J. Blige and you're wearing a white pantsuit you have to be wary of looking like you're trying to be Mary J. Blige. With the excess fabric draping here, Kim avoids looking like a Mary knockoff WHILE distinguishing herself from her boyfriend's all-white (see below). Read More

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