Kirstie Clements Launches Scathing Critique of Fashion Industry

Kirstie Clements

Carlotta Moye

The fashion industry at large came under siege when former Vogue Australia editor Kirstie Clements initiated a scathing critique of the industry as a whole, citing numerous abuses against fashion models and a general culture that she found destructive and downright ugly. That she was recently and unceremoniously fired from her position, she asserts, has nothing to do with it.


I remember constantly commenting to my deputy, “Imagine the book you could write if you weren’t doing this job any more,”’ says Kirstie Clements with a wicked grin.


And then, when you finally step out of that world, you realise that there is a conspiracy of silence that affects everyone inside it and around it.’


But 51-year-old Kirstie – who for 13 years held one of the most prestigious and high-pressured positions in fashion and publishing as editor of Vogue Australia – is not, it seems, the sort of woman to stay silent. (Read More)


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