Kitchen Designers With Showrooms In Berkshire


Whether you are making any plans to renovate your home by fitting a new kitchen, or if you have already had a new kitchen fitted, I am sure that you can appreciate that the whole process involved can be somewhat intimidating, and at times can be completely overwhelming unless you have some help along the way. This is where a kitchen designer really tends to come in incredibly handy.

Kitchen designers are fully trained professionals in the field of new kitchens and the processes in which have to be undertaken in order to get your new kitchen from your initial design ideas to the final installation with the minimal amount of fuss.

I myself personally used a kitchen designer when I bought a new kitchen because I found that working twelve hour days for six days a week I just did not have the time to spend on the kitchen which left my plans hanging around in limbo and although I loved the input that my wife had to offer she just did not know what she was doing so I took it upon myself to find a designer. My wife eventually found a kitchen designer after a local search and this is how I got to meet the guys at Logic Kitchens. Logic Kitchens are based just down the road from me in Slough, Berkshire and from my first initial visit I knew that these were the people I wanted to use.


The best thing about choosing Logic Kitchens to supply me with a kitchen designer was that the company was a very small, close knit group of lads who all had one single focus in mind everytime I walked through their door and that was to make me happy. They also had a showroom which housed samples from every range that they could supply me with which I found incredibly helpful because I actually got to hold the product in my hands and get a feel for it as opposed to choosing things from a catalogue.

I would highly recommend that if you are going to hire a kitchen designer then it is highly beneficial to hire one that has a showroom, I found it so comforting to know that my kitchen designer knew absolutely everything about every single sample and colour, to sizes and processes. Maybe it was just me but I actually went to a larger company first and immediately felt like a statistic, however when I found Logic Kitchens and sat down with the guys I immediately felt valued as a customer. It actually turned out halfway through my kitchen experience that my kitchen designer had actually had two of his kitchens submitted into the top twenty five kitchens of the year which really instilled me with confidence in my designer.

All in all I would certainly recommend that if you are finding it difficult coping with the stresses that come with a new kitchen that you hire a kitchen designer with a showroom. I was massively impressed with the service I received and I am supremely confident that there are others of you that can benefit from the services that me and my wife had.


Joseph Yaghtin

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