Know How the Branded Shirts Enhance the Entire Mens Clothing

The shirt is still the staple of mens fashion. It’s the one item of clothing that can really be worn as casual or as formal attire. From lounging at a beach bar to attending an important meeting, the shirt is the cornerstone on which the rest of your menswear look is based.

La Redoute mens wear includes a range of shirts of every occasion, from two tone casual and check shirts to more formal shirts for more formal occasions, from business to pleasure, there’s everything you need to make the statement you want to make.

The key to choosing the right shirt, to making sure your shirt fits in with the rest of your look, lies in knowing what you are trying to achieve with the look in question. For instance, if you are attending a job interview you need a shirt that offers a neutral smart view of yourself without making you appear boring or without personality. Something as simple as picking a formal shirt with just a dash of colour in it can make the difference between appearing staid and uninteresting, and appearing to be sensible but also fun.

Informal shirts are probably harder to get right, simply because there is so much variety to choose from. As a general rule, the kind of shirt you buy should be informed by your personality – which basically means you buy what you really like the look of, because it is hopefully speaking to your true self. If your heart says yellow, wear it!

There are three kinds of informal shirt to choose from in the La Redoute mens wear range: single colour; duo colour; and check. A single colour shirt works well when you wear a jacket too – a duo colour shirt is best if the shirt is fully on display.

Check shirts look good on muscular men, with a light coloured t shirt or long sleeved vest on underneath. If you are slimmer in build, wear a slim fit check shirt and do up all the buttons.

The fit of your shirt is dependent on your body shape. A slim fitted shirt is a fashionable item indeed – but it only looks good when your body shape allows you to carry it off. The fitted shirt nips in at the waist, creating a tapered silhouette that can put more definition into the shoulders and chest – so clearly it only works if your waistline is less wide than your shoulders are. Be honest with yourself or don’t wear one. Wearing a slim fit shirt when you’re not slim is a fashion faux pas hard to recover from.

La Redoute mens wear and other mens wear options are designed to help you show your true personality wherever you are – from the office to the club party. Be sure you make the most of yourself, then, by first knowing what fits you best or suits you the most. Fashion isn’t difficult when you are honest with yourself – it’s only when you follow the herd rather than your heart that you get in sartorial difficulty. 


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