Kristen Bell and the Dress that Bares Too Much


For almost a decade we have adored Kristen Bell, her cute personality and usually spot-on fashion selections and red carpet looks which have landed her on the A-list. But on Thursday night we were stunned. No, shocked by the fashion misstep Bell took this week.

She was promoting her upcoming action comedy “Hit and Run” on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the actress made her appearance in a fuchsia/purple sleeveless dress with a mesh bodice. 

That just sounds wrong. TheCushnie et Ochs dress comes from the Resort 2013 collection and left much to be desired and even more to cover up. This dress is meant for standing, posing, waving. Not sitting down gushing about a new movie; this made for a very awkward interview as all eyes were glued to Bell’s midsection. Even athletic, fit actresses have certain folds on their stomach when sitting that no one wants to see. And the appearance (and reappearance) of Bell’s under-boob took the whole ensemble to an uncomfortable place. We were cringing for her.

But Bell and her team are not novices to this kind of interview and are veterans in the fashion department. Did no one spot-check these horrible problem areas?

Unfortunately Bell and her entourage team failed from head-to-toe,  pairing the purple dress with Casadei Blade Heels in purple, making the actress look more trailer park bridesmaid than polished star.

We all make poor choices sometime, don’t do it again Bell. 

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