Lace the Face

Lace face coverings are not just for fashion-forward wedding guests and brides walking down the aisle; lace masks have been a common staple of high fashion and luxury designer shows for years. But even though the look that could be a bit overdone on runways, it doesn’t take away from its classy, chic and mysterious appeal.

 As of late we have seen many glossy spreads incorporating the luxury lace adornments. It seems like a little bit of lace can go a long way to instantly transform an ensemble from average to over-the-top stunning.  Fashionista also noticed the trend popping back up in the high-fashion shoots and runways like Jason Wu and Chanel. Check out their take on the trend as well as some very sexy and mysterious looks of the lace.

Would you try this bold, racy look?

Megan Jenkins

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