Lada Gaga Knows No Fear

Gaga Knows No Fear

D. DaSilva/Rex Features

Who needs a shirt anyway? It's hot in the summer and Lada Gaga's not having any of it, or any shirts for that matter. Bold, braless, black-clad and beautiful, Lada Gaga stepped out in a sexy pair of boots, a hip-hugging skirt, and an alluring bra that came together in quite the fashionable ensemble. It's a great style and an extremely powerful, liberating statement that many women could emulate... but then again, with obesity being a real problem in the states, there are plenty who should probably steer clear of this look and leave it to the professionals.

It's crazy hot in New York at the minute, with temperatures balancing out around the 90 degrees fahrenheit mark.


But even so, Lady Gaga perhaps took her attempts to cool to the extreme by stepping out in a tiny black lacy bra.


The anti-wallflower wore just a frilled balconette bra with a tiny black skirt and a pair of her trademark boots, and if she wasn't Lady Gaga, she may well have been pulled aside for flashing.

There are different rules for the 27-year-old star, however, so she was allowed to flash away as she strutted down the New York sidewalk.
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