Lancome Joins Oud Perfume Craze


Lancôme, looking to not miss out on an extremely lucrative trend in perfume, has released a scent called L''Autre Oud. With reportedly subtle hints of "precious" woods and violets, this Lancôme perfume seems like it'll be an elegant addition to anyone's beauty collection.


Lancôme are getting onto the oud bandwagon with a fragrance composition of their own they named L'Autre Ôud (The Other Oud); the circumflex accent on the "O" has been added for branding purposes.

From a perfume blogger's perspective, it is absolutely fascinating to feel like your are reliving to some extent a craze and an infatuation with a perfumery material comparable to the one for violet at the end of the 19th century...

You had heard, or rather read about Europe going crazy about the elusive scent of violets in books, and there you are, witnessing a similar mania for a new-to-Europe at least and rare in principle aromatic material. Read More

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