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LAS8 Paris


Located in central Paris, LAS8 Paris fashion house creates for the fashion and style lovers exceptional pieces, giving a new definition of high luxury.


Its “savoir-faire” is , by definition, a traditional craftsmanship, providing high quality standard. From start to finish, an individual artisan handcrafts each piece, so that it passes drastic quality controls. Every details and finitions are designed by LAS8 Paris, to provide perfect garments, answering a high requirement’s level.


This expertise is dedicated to propose on their showroom (3 Place Boulnois, Paris) « sur mesure » jackets or garments, designing specific color on demand. Each creation is made with the most exquisite and rare leathers from all over the world, that the 2 founders meticulously research and select. Australian Crocodile Porosus or African crocodile Niloticus, stingray from Thailand, pythons from Singapoor. , and also 100% french plunged lambskin, since the french tanneries provide undiscutably the best quality for centuries.


Designed in LAS8 Paris Atelier, creations for ladies suit perfectly the international icon, The Parisian Woman, inspiration source for the fashion house. Classy and ambitious, independent and sophisticated, a little over confident and a little fragile, this uncatchable woman lives and makes the Parisian dream.


As the Parisian Man, LAS8 Paris is seeking excellence for its man wardrobe. The fashion house creations offer precise and refined cuttings, giving a modern definition of the Parisian gentleman. Both classy and casual, the Parisian man demands the best for himself, with a sophisticated look in any occasion.


From the heart of the fashion capital, LAS8 Paris enhanced a French luxury style in its high quality standards creations. One of the last remaining French ultimate luxury leather 'manufactures'.

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