LCD Instrument Panels Are Going to be in Your Next Car

Cadillac STS LCD Instrument Panel

Although I can see how some people might not trust the technology behind LCD displays being used in their upcoming automobiles, I welcome the change with gusto. Mostly because it will make me feel like I’m in a spaceship and prove that I’m super cool.


LCD instrument panels are coming, trickling down from a handful of expensive cars today to affordable cars. You need an LCD display in front of you to process all the information you’re getting from the car and connected devices. Any car instrument panel tells you how fast you’re going and how much fuel remains. When you also want to see navigation instructions, song info, hybrid battery efficiency, and the name of an incoming caller, it’s time for a big-screen LCD instrument panel. They’re on a dozen premium car models today. Affordable cars are getting hybrid displays in the instrument panel: The speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge are traditional mechanical devices; inset among them or in a bottom strip is an LCD display that can show all the other information. Continue Reading


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