Learning the Real from the Ideal in Life and in the Freelance Job

I am now in a point in my life and career in which I have learned what is real from what is ideal. Back when I was a little bit younger, I was always blinded by my picture of idealism. As time passed by and I have matured, I have realised that indeed we cannot change by ourselves the ugly reality that surrounds us. Thus, I have learned to adjust and developed myself to adopt to what is real in life and in my freelance job.

I have experienced a phase in my life in which I was disillusioned by the things I saw in my surroundings including the neighbourhood and the environment in my freelance job. I tried to make the places I lived and worked in places which are the ideal picture of what they should be. But later I realised that the real picture should be what they are supposed to be. Having realised this, I was depressed at first. I asked myself how unfair the world can be because good people who do good finish last often. Almost always, the bad and scheming persons have their way.

Later in my life and in my career doing my freelance job, I realised and was comforted with the change that I experienced. I lost my patience with people to whom I gave chances to prove that they are not that bad at all. I quit hoping that people will change for the better and I moved on. Now, I no longer expect goodness from other persons. This way I am able to move forward without a heavy heart because other people have disappointed me. I work and progress on my own and without expecting other persons to appreciate or accept what I am doing in my freelance jobs.

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