Lena Dunham Directs Fashion Film for Rachel Antonoff

The real life best friends Lena Dunham and Rachel Antonoff teamed up to create a fashion film for Antonoff's Spring 2013 collection and the outcome is a wittily funny short flick full of awkwardness and cute fashion fit for the runway; but, that's not Antonoff's style, which pays off in spades for us.


To those who follow/stalk Lena Dunham or Rachel Antonoff on Instagram, it’s no secret that the two are friends (or that Dunham is dating Antonoff’s brother).

So, it’s only natural that the two of them would end up working together, especially in this age of fashion films as unofficial ad campaigns.

As an alternative to a fashion week show (or presentation as Antonoff usually prefers), the designer tapped her pal to direct a film about pals. “BFF,” starring Alice Gregory and Grace Dunham (Lena’s little sister whom you may recognize from Tiny Furniture) sheds a light on the typical “best friend” relationship, nature documentary-style. Read More

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