Let It Snow! (As If We Had a Choice)

If someone cares to do a public opinion research experiment, they might find people in the UK split on whether they welcome winter or not. For some people, it is a time that signals the arrival of Christmas and New Year's, and that means being able to take at least a short break and spend time with family and friends. It could also mean enjoying some of the winter weather that accompanies this time of year. As everyone knows, this action translates into fairly freezing temperatures, and a lot of the time, a certain amount of snow.

There are those that do appreciate the holiday season, but could very well do without some of the complications that winter weather brings. For one, travel can often become quite difficult. Even major airports like Heathrow sometimes have to close if too much snow falls too quickly, or conditions are just generally unsafe for planes to land or take off. If they are able to function, many passengers are concerned about ice forming on the wings, which is why one often sees specialized trucks spraying the wings with a special solvent fluid so that no ice forms. Driving on local roads can also become a challenge, which is only made easier if one actually owns a 4 x 4 vehicle.

Making Winter Special

Many people have figured out that rather than fighting the elements, winter can be a time to really enjoy this unique season. As it often allows for a certain amount of time away from school or work, people find that renting luxury ski chalets is the perfect way to spend some quality time together, enjoying all of the opportunities for recreation that winter brings with it. No matter where they go, they know that there are wonderful accommodations available that will provide them not only with an unforgettable experience, but also access to all of their favourite winter sports.

Given the Right Conditions…

Everyone knows that there has to be a certain amount of cold in the air before it can actually snow. Some people are even good at taking a sniff at the air outside and predicting with a fairly high degree of accuracy when the white stuff will actually start to fall. But why does this happen at all? The answer is quite simple, and consists basically of two conditions: temperature and moisture. There has to be a certain amount of moisture in the air for there to be any precipitation at all. If it's not cold enough, this will fall to the ground in the form of rain. If the air temperature in the sky above is at least 2°C or lower, little ice crystals will form in the air. If there are enough of them present, they condense into little snowflakes, which become heavy enough to actually fall to the ground.

The greater the amount of moisture in the air and the colder the air temperature, the greater the opportunity for a truly significant snowstorm; many people love the sense of quiet and peace that accompanies that special instance when snow starts falling. Little children especially know that they are in for several days of fun, that schools might actually close and they have the opportunity to build snowmen, go tobogganing, or just basically prancing around in the snow.


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