Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Own Dresses

Katie Stoops

Take a chance with your wedding and let your bridesmaids pick their own dresses for your big day. If you just limit the color choices and maybe a few other accessories or rules, everyone can look and feel comfortable wearing a style they're used to as well as go home with a dress that they will be willing to wear again in the future. You can see the execution of this splendid idea in the gallery at the link below.


The chance that your bridesmaids will all love one dress is pretty slim. You have body types, heights, styles, and overall comfort levels to consider (and you should definitely consider them).

The obvious idea to combat disagreements is to allow the ladies that will stand next to you to choose their own dresses. Of course, if having each girl in a completely different dress is not quite your style, there are a couple of guidelines you may want to follow. One helpful hint is to have your wedding colors or hues in mind and limit the dress options to those matching that vision. Read More

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