Lincoln to Compete in C-Segment Luxury Car Market

2013 Lincoln MKZ

Sam Varnhagen/AP

With Ford looking to break into the compact luxury car market with planned additions to the Lincoln family, they could be facing a serious uphill battle against the likes of Honda’s Acura and Toyota’s Lexus.


Ford’s Lincoln luxury brand will make its first foray into the compact segment when it introduces a small car this fall, probably at the Los Angeles auto show in November.

To the degree that Lincoln is famous, it is for its enormous slab-sided Continental of the 1960s, a midcentury modern design rebuttal to the winged ’59 Cadillac.  More recently its plush Navigator SUV was popular with influential NBA players and rap musicians for about an hour in the late 1990s, before Cadillac introduced the Escalade and locked up those customers. Read More


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