Longchamp, Prada Look to Open in India

Financial Times

After making foreign investing easier in India, luxury fashion manufacturers are looking to expand throughout the country. Most notable of these companies are Prada and Longchamp. Longchamp should be opening their first Indian store by the end of 2013 and Prada is currently hunting down partners.


A quick stroll around Mumbai’s High Street Phoenix mall can be somewhat disconcerting for the average Mumbaiker. The eerily clean walkways are filled with the scent of expensive perfume. Shoppers can lust after Burberry trenches and Gucci bags displayed behind gleaming windows.

It’s not India as we know it, but it’s an increasingly successful slice of it. Longchamp, the French leather company, and Prada, the Italian fashion house, are the latest brands mulling entry into the south Asian nation as its luxury market grows. Read More

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