Looking for a Luxury House? Why not try the Garden

Having been around since 1938, Hartley Botanic serve as on the most experienced and admirable green and glass house manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Having installed thousands upon thousands over greenhouses into businesses, homes and gardens over the past one hundred and twenty-five years; they are the number one company to turn to if you are looking to buy or install any green or glass house.

Although greenhouses have lessened in popularity over the past few years, they are now making an amazing comeback as interest in the environment and all things green is taking ever greater precedence in the spotlight of the media.

To feed this demand, Hartley Botanic English range of custom made greenhouses have unveiled a whole new range of dazzling and stylish houses, designed to appeal to the chic and contemporary gardeners of today. On display in their own spacious gardens at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show of the United Kingdom, the new designs are set to rock the fair with their ground breaking designs and flare. With concealed fittings, seamless architecture as well as other slick elements of design, the new range is set to take Hartley Botanic and greenhouses into the twenty-first century.

Take for example the new Grange design which offers its occupants both a stylish and practical solution for any gardener who is just looking for a quiet afternoon in the garden. A square, high and spacious design with a raising four sided, pyramid roof, the greenhouse is not only brilliant for growing your plants and vegetables, but it can serve as an excellent hideaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whilst designing greenhouses it is important to remember that not everyone has the largest garden in the world and also that they may not have the biggest of budgets. Taking this into account, that’s why the expert designers at Hartley Botanic have come up with the Hartley Vista Greenhouse that is a splendid and modern approach to greenhouses, taking into mind those with limited garden space or tight budgets. If you are just starting out with your gardening hobby or want to test the waters of the gardening world, the Vista offers the perfect opportunity to try yourself out as the next Alan Titchmarsh or Alice McGowen.

But what are the benefits of buying a Hartley Botanic Greenhouse?

It is a little known fact, as already discussed, that Greenhouses can last for generations. In fact there is one greenhouse dating back to the early 1960s, built by Hartley Botanic that still stands strong after fifty years of use and is in the garden of proud owner, Gordon Walker of Leicester. You may also be interested to know that one greenhouse user even sold their thirty-two year old greenhouse for 100% profit. After being bought in the late seventies for £900, the greenhouse was recently auctioned for a grand sum of £1,809, which proves that greenhouses are an excellent investment! This means that if you are wanting to upscale your greenhouse, move home, or you wish to move on to other endeavours, you can put your house up for sale with the peace of mind that you will receive a good, honest price.

If anything, greenhouses are also perfect places to teach your children about all things that green. As children have a natural thirst for all things living, greenhouses are excellent learning centres where they can learn all there is to know about plants and vegetables. Of course, being taught by a close family member means that it is an environment that they will cherish throughout their lifetime and you never know; they may even start little gardens of their very own.

Chris Taylor

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