Looking Great This Summer No Matter Your Age

via Huffington Post

Getting older can have a taxing effect on our bodies and skin, but that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice looking great during the summer when it seems like everyone else is enjoying the sun to its fullest.


Let's face it -- our  bodies are canvasses that we can color and ornament -- we are in charge of the "look" we want to present. What is your style? This summer as I begin to bare my skin I prefer to  throw away the magnifiers, stay loose, chill out and dress in what makes me feel good and hip. I've put together a few choice items that are my go-to favorites and finds.

This is only a  short list -- there's so much great stuff out there this season. What are some of your favorite finds? Please comment and throw in any of your favorites for us to check out in the space below. Trust me -- we'll all tell you candidly -- what we think of your suggestions. Read More

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