Los Angeles' Fashion Blogger Favorites from 2012

Olivia Lopez at Coachella

Lust for Life

Los Angeles is one of the most stylish cities in the world and, with that, has some of the best fashion bloggers. And, since all these devotees to the style and fashion industries are from So-Cal, a good portion of light materials and skin grace the majority of the photos. In fact, I'm downright ready for summer just from looking through them!


Happy New Year! Although LA's bustling shopping scene certainly stole the show in 2012, the last 12 months were also kind to a handful of local bloggers. From style-stalked vets like Rumi Neely to big-money newcomers like Aimee Song, a slew of impeccably-dressed Angelenos dominated the blogosphere simply by documenting their daily looks.

As a sartorial salute to the past year, Neely, Song and fellow fashion influencers Geri Hirsch, Kiara Schwartz, Emily Schuman, Olivia Lopez and Rachel Nguyen recently posted individual round-ups of their favorite outfits from 2012. Read More and Check Out the Gallery

Michael P.

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