Luxe News - Giorgio Armani Unveils the Plans for His First Ever Swiss Made Watches

In January, during the Milan Men’s fashion week, the world-famous designer Giorgio Armani dropped another bomb into the bustling world of watch lovers and admirers. He revealed his plans and designs for the first Swiss made EmporioArmani watchesto be ever produced.

In the course of the Men’s fashion week in Milan, Giorgio Armani held a private presentation at the Teatro Armani – a former factory which has been converted by the brand into a designated performance space. The selected few, who were invited to this gathering, were presented the opportunity to view the plans and drafts of the designer for the new collection, the Emporio Armani Swiss Made Watches, firsthand. They were taken through the details of the entire Swiss watch making process that would be involved in the production of the Swiss made line of Armani watches, too. Expert craftsmen performed a live demonstration of the precise Swiss horologerie and the expert handiwork that is required for the production of a Swiss timepiece.

The new models from the Emporio Armani Swiss Made Collection are scheduled to make their grand debut at the Baseworld 2014, on the 27thof March. The models will combine tradition and innovation, precision and style, to form a unique blend of features all in one timepiece. The designer himself stated, “I was inspired by the shapes of the 1930s and 1940s that were given a contemporary look, developing a refined and timeless design, which I combined with the best Swiss technology and its unbeatable precision.” The outcome of this great design philosophy – precise timepieces with essential lines and subtle elegance, crafted by the best craftsmen in the world from materials of the highest quality with meticulous attention paid to each single detail.

The sketches and plans, drawn by Giorgio Armani himself and revealed at the private presentation of the new collection, give us an insight into the expected design of the timepieces of the Emporio Armani Swiss Made lineup. The plans unveil elegant and clear analog dials with custom-designed watch hands in stick and needle shapes, slim baton hour markers and a hint of the other functions of the watches. The models are expected to be precise chronographs, which is only befitting Swiss made timepieces; they will have small date display windows, precisely crafted diamond-shaped crowns, buttons for controlling the functions subtly placed at the side of the case. Selected models will have additional sub dials for displaying accurate chronograph time and performing other functions.

Although the new models were not presented in detail, but only in their conceptual stage, we were given the opportunity to take a sneak peek into the new collection’s design philosophy and expected performance levels. The line is going to be manufactured under the license of Fossil and the models are expected to fall into the price range of 600-1500 USD.

The announcement of the newArmani watchesfrom the Emporio Armani Swiss Made Collection has tickled the curiosity and sharpened the appetite of not only the brand’s fans, but all the lovers of precise timepieces and the fashion-conscious personas. The lineup has a lot in store for all of us, judging by what we were able to see, and it will surely garner a lot of attention this spring. We are eagerly anticipating the 27thof March and the Baseworld 2014 in Basel with our eyes peeled for Giorgio Armani’s new set of masterpieces.


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