Luxurious Accommodations in Morocco

One of three palace destinations on my list of cities I want to visit, the Riad Kniza in Marrakech, Morocco, is an opulent location that looks to be everything that my regular life is not. With extreme luxury at the root of this hotel’s ideology, there does not seem to be anything that the hotel management has overlooked insofar as supreme comfort, service and accommodations.


After looking through the website for Riad Kniza, it seems as though there are lounge cushions all over the site, meaning rest and relaxation can literally come from anywhere on the grounds. Likewise, the truly impressive staff will be an extremely important aspect of staying at this location as I (since I am being honest here) know quite little about Morocco, the city of Marrakech and the culture of the area. Whatever the case, Riad Kniza looks to be one of the best and most luxurious hotels in the world and I can’t wait to take my wife there sometime.


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