Luxurious Colored Diamonds

The beauty of colored diamonds

If you want to go straight to the front of the luxury jewelry line then there is no escaping the fact that natural fancy colored diamonds must be on your shopping list. After all, if they are good enough for nobility and royalty as well as Hollywood royalty such as J-Lo, Kate Hudson, Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, and Beyoncé, to name but a few; shouldn’t they be good enough for you?

Ten thousand times rarer than colorless diamonds, colored diamonds have been a very well kept secret by those in the know. Not only are they rare and magnificent, they have also proven to be an incredible store of wealth and investment for decades if not centuries. However, due their reasonably recent must-have status among celebrities as well as the availability of Internet sites promoting and educating the public about these stones, they have come out from beneath the shadow of their colorless cousins to rightly take their place at the head of the elite gemstone clique.

The main colors of colored diamonds include pink, yellow, red, green, blue, orange, champagne, chameleon, black, white, gray, purple, and violet. They come in over 90 secondary hues and 9 levels of intensity. Whereas perhaps the most important element of the 4 Cs when assessing a colorless diamond is Clarity, when it comes to appraising a colored diamond it is the Color. This is what differentiates the hopefuls from the intensely colored.

Prices for most colors of colored diamonds exceed those of colorless diamonds often by many multiples. The most coveted stones sell for between USD1-2 million per carat and prices simply continue to appreciate. Colors such as pink, blue, and yellow are in very high demand. When you consider that the source of the most desired pink diamonds – the Argyle Diamond Mine, is slated for closure in the next few years this is completely understandable.

Many investors and people who appreciate magnificent jewels look to buy yellow diamonds, also known as canaries. Although more readily available then pink diamonds, yellow diamonds are probably tied with pink diamonds in the popularity stakes. Colors such as red, purple, and violet are so rare that there are diamond merchants who have not even sighted them.

Fancy color diamonds are a subset of the diamond family but require an expertise all of their own where experience is of paramount importance. Should you decide to indulge yourself, make sure you find a reputable dealer.


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