Luxurious Lifestyle of the High Rollers


If you have ever visited a luxury casino then you have seen a few high rollers, usually sat in the best seats, and with the best hand. High rollers are in general, professional players although many high rollers have other careers. The way they play and the money they win puts them straight into the professional category.

High rollers don't just play in the real world either, they can be found practicing their strategies at many online casinos, however finding a good casino site is tough as it will need to cater to their specific needs. The biggest month long win of any high roller, was back in 2005 when over the space of a few weeks one player walked away with $1.5 billion - yes you did read the amount correctly.

High rollers are not only blessed with winning odds that many of us wouldn't be able to fathom; they also work hard to build relationships with casinos which leads to many luxurious perks that can only be matched by the wealthiest people on the planet. You only have to enter the VIP rooms at casinos to understand the level of professional perks that high rollers have access too - that is of course if you can get through the stringent security checks. The ultra high rollers, you will meet in the VIP suites are there because they make the casinos a lot of money, so the casinos give back with free hotel suites, drinks and even money to play with.

There are very few mega rich high rollers, who play in the millions on their visits, reportedly only 50 around the world play for the really high stakes. The majority of high rollers will be 'Diamond Card' rollers. These are men and women who have proved their worth to the casinos and been reward with one of their exclusive cards and the luxuries that come with this. The traditional diamond card will usually enable the holder to access, free concert tickets with the best seats, room upgrades, exclusive dining areas and discounts at designer boutiques - worth every dollar spent in the casino!

As well as these obviously fantastic perks, the serious gamers also get the chance to play in the most exclusive rooms, known as 'private pits'. Even if you haven't booked into a private pit, they will be given to you at the shortest of notice - serious money deserves a plush space to play in! In a recent interview for PlushAsia, a Singaporean high roller confessed to being given a private BMW on arrival at a Las Vegas casino, on top of all the luxuries already discussed. Oh it doesn't stop there though, he had 24 hour butler service, was given access to the casinos private jet and ate with the owner on most nights!

Millionaire “high rollers” are gifted with brand new luxury cars – casinos will do whatever it takes to get them gambling and happy to spend their money!

It all sounds like heaven, but we must remember that these players really do have to work for this lifestyle. They have to contend with the pressure of gambling multi million dollars on the luck of the draw and sometimes this is not their money but the casinos. So in essence these perks can go as quickly as they come - but hey that's the gamble isn't it?





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