Luxurious Spaces

Looking for some decor inspiration? It can be found all around - in Mother Nature, in colors, in light fixtures, in big-box stores as well as small treasured shops. Old and new, or even old with new, these eight striking spaces are sure to inspire.

Luxury Bedroom

The sheer sweeping turquoise-tinted curtains of this lavish bedroom along with the coloured bedding are just the right amount of richness in this stately space.

Luxury Living Room

While one may think so many different patterns would make a space look busy, this casual sitting room with floral wallpaper and striped furniture looks decidedly charming and warm.

Luxury Bedroom

This pretty girl's bedroom is dressed head-to-toe in rich mustard yellow and flanked by crisp white accents, an inspiring colour palette. The matching lamps give the space uniformity.

Luxury Details

A black and white scheme never goes out of style, and in this unique vignette, nature reigns supreme in the wall hangings and table decor.

Luxury Living Room

The light fixtures may be more utility-oriented, however the window treatments, throw cushions, and mix of generational furniture give it inviting charm.

Luxury Kitchen

White cabinetry and dark wood floors are a match made in heaven - it looks streamlined in this galley kitchen. The clear kitchen lights fit the clean minimal feel of the room, too.

Luxury Dining Room

Retro-inspired furniture is always eclectic, especially here with the tulip table and chairs along with the bold accent colour of red. The ceiling light is especially one-of-a-kind.

Luxury Kitchen

Whitewashed furniture and a fun mix of vintage dinner and glassware give this space instant personality.  

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