Luxury American Adventure Holidays For Singles

American adventure holidays for singles

American adventure holidays fo

An article exploring luxurious options for solo travellers keen to take on action and adventure. With an emphasis on location and accommodation this will focus on a number of different locations, activities and optional extras. Read on to discover more!

Start Your Adventure Holiday

Travelling alone is just the thing for thrill seekers keen to enjoy different experiences, learn new skills, meet new people and see new things. However, with so many options open to the solo traveller it is sometimes hard to make a decisive choice. For those uncertain of where to look next here are a few popular suggestions.

For those who enjoy the great outdoors why not consider one of the many different American adventure holidays for singles on offer. Try for instance an American Trek through the spectacular glaciers of Alaska. With calm and peaceful mountain views, clear lakes and elegant fjords, this is just the place to advance your hiking skills and explore a completely different type of wilderness.

With many tours offering camping, trips to the Great National Park, mountain biking and a number of different scenic hikes there is lots to do. Not to mention a vast number of breath taking views to enjoy. It is even possible to book a trip out and about to view the much talked about Alaskan Bear.

If something a little warmer is in order then why not try a tour of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Here you will be able to see a wide range of cultural and historical sites, including ancient pyramids, the UNESCO site of Chichen Itza and the much talked about Tikal ruins. With activities ranging from volcano hikes and cave snorkelling to horseback riding and swimming this is a tour for those who like to keep busy!

Go All Inclusive

With so much action and adventure on offer it is all too easy to forget to think about what you will want when it comes to food, drink and accommodation. However, if you really want to make the most of your holiday it is well worth planning these things in advance.

For luxurious surroundings and a bit of pampering why not book one of the organised and action packed all inclusive American holidays made available to those looking for a bit of an adventure. Just because you are enjoying the wild views of the great outdoors does not mean you have to sleep, rest and relax there too!

For instance why not opt for a hotel in the local area close to your main activities or tour base. From top quality beds that will help you get a better night's rest, to spa and pool facilities, this type of relaxation will only mean you appreciate the raw, adrenaline pumping action even more.

In Alaska for instance, tour companies can offer luxurious wilderness camp options that will have you feeling a million miles away from the stress and strain of everyday work. Likewise, nearby luxury hotels offer perfectly located getaways, helping to keep everyone entertained with organised snowmobile tours and trips to view polar bears.

All in all what better way to make the most of such once in a lifetime opportunities. Simply, sit back, relax and enjoy recounting your experiences from the comfort of luxury accommodation, surrounded by some of the most spectacular views you could hope to come across.

Elenor Thomson regularly contributes to holiday websites and travel advice blogs. With subjects ranging from American adventure holidays for singles and all inclusive American holidays to seasonal holidays for the first time traveller she has become an experienced web journalist. Taking an interest in American based tourism Thomson plans more explorations of local tours and hotel locations in the near future.


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