Luxury-casual footwear and clothing

Getting the right ‘look’ can sometimes be a bit tricky-getting the right combination of colours, shades, lengths and so on can be a bit of a nightmare! Sometimes it’s just as much of an idea to go for the laid-back look as it is to try too hard-done right, you can pull off a convincing luxury look whilst appearing casual at the same time.


The choice of upper-body items you might wear can be a pretty daunting selection, but the luxury-causal look on your lower body can help you to make a decision on that, once you’ve got it arranged. Designer jeans, such as the Carhatt tapered culvers (in black of course) are perfect for this as they can easily work as a clothing item in most social situations and can be worn in a smarter environment and still look appropriate (blue jeans not so much)


Certain converse trainers can be a good choice for luxury-casual footwear; they have the ability to blend in to most situations relatively comfortably. The ‘Chuck Taylor’ range, for example, is one of the world’s most famous ranges of shoes and the choice of ‘low-top’ ox trainers and the hi-tops gives you a good deal of choice. The high-quality canvas that converses are made out of means that they can be more of a laid-back cool/luxury item than standard trainers, which are a bit more stark and inflexible in their styling and construction. They can go particularly well with cords, as well as designer jeans as mentioned above. Obviously, the colour and profile of the shoes as well of the lacing pattern is important-gotten right though, you can create a great basis for establishing a luxury/smart-casual look of your own.


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