Luxury Garden Landscaping

Luxury landscaping is all the rage for proud home owners who want to improve the look and experience of their garden whilst adding a little value onto their homes. And, in some cases, a little means a lot, as landscaping done properly can reportedly add up to 20% onto the value of your property. Garden landscaping is, then, a wise investment idea.

Investing in Your Garden

Many people choose to do their own garden landscaping, but sometimes achieving your desired garden goals just simply isn’t possible without the help of a skilled landscape designer and/or team of garden improvement experts.

This may be particularly the case if your garden encompasses problematic terrain which hinders your efforts to turn tangled thorns into tempting lawns. Experienced garden design experts who specialise in overcoming the challenges of difficult gardens will be able to take the reins and re-design your garden whilst you sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

Designing Your New Luxury Garden

Luxury gardens often leap beyond the bounds of grass and shrubbery, making good use of sculpture, water features, rockeries and stone formations and all kinds of types of exotic plants. If you decide to add a touch of luxury to your garden with any of these elements is best to plan well in advance and thoroughly consult with your garden designer, if possible.

For example, if you were thinking about installing a pond or water feature in your new luxury garden you will need to take into account the costs of equipment and maintenance. Many people don’t realise how much work goes into keeping a luxury pond in pristine condition, as well as additional concerns if you decide to keep fish, like water temperature regulation and fish food.

Finding Luxury Garden Inspiration

High end luxury garden designers often employ the services of artists, sculptures and other artistic professionals to assist them in creating moods, themes or layouts for their clients. Find your inspiration by taking inspiration from the art around you, online, in galleries or on the street, and incorporating it into your brand new luxury garden design.


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