Luxury in Electric Bikes Industry
By: Gautam   |    Managing Director | Seengal International
May 20, 2012   |   0 Comments

During our exports for electric vehicles, the major selling point is its cost effectiveness. The other usp’s like environment friendly, rechargable, multi-purpose usages, etc. are all considered but the first and foremost remains the cost effectiveness. Well, now electric bikes has reached its peak of cost effectiveness as its available at the price of $ 36,998 (INR Conversion Rs. 20,29,000). WoW. Well Hungary based organization M55 has launched this one of its kind eletcric bikes studded with Swarovski crystals with varying engine sizes producing 1,500 watts of power allowing riders to reach speed upto 67 kmph. Phew. And we compare our export bikes on international styles. 

Now, as export house with rare limited options from luxury exports division, Seengal International might need to think moving its electric vehicles section to luxury exports. After all, Mercedes and BMW have models which are available at Rs. 20,29,000 and here we are talking about electric bikes. WoW, the luxury itself revolutionizes itself. 

About Seengal International Luxury Exports
Seengal International is export house registered in India operating since 1981. Presently, our organization is catering to more than 117 products exported to more than 25 countries world across. The company products include FMCG (branded & non-branded), Agro Products (packaged and non-packed), Electric Vehicles (electric bikes, commercial vehicles & golf carts), medical equipments and luxury exports. We promise to bring you more information on luxury and exporting goods from Seengal International but incase you wish to get in touch with ourselves please email us or visit us at

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