Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Top Five Designer Pens

Although when most people think of a pen, they see it as an old-fashioned tool for doing homework; the truth is that much like the paintbrush, the pen is a thing of beauty and can create, just like the brush, a masterpiece of art.

If you’re unsure, just ask film director, Quentin Tarantino, who hand writes every single one of his scripts, initially using neither computer nor typewriter, to create some of the most successful films in Hollywood.

On a smaller scale however, then pen is a thing of elegance and must be treated as such. That’s why, when Mother’s Day comes around, the pen makes a perfect gift for one of the most important ladies in your life.

Here are our top five pen suggestions for your mother this Mother’s Day. Images courtesy of the Pen Company – a UK online pen shop based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire purveyor of designer pens since 2006.

The Diplomat Optimist Ballpoint Pen

By far one of the most beautiful pens under the £75 range, this brilliantly unique pen celebrates minimalism with its beautiful black gloss finish and steel stripes.

With the true ballpoint pen hailing only from the 20th century (though patents have been taken out as far back as 1888), this beautiful piece simply goes to show that unlike many modern gadgets, the ballpoint pen does not require modernising, and quite simply, serves as one of the pen’s many graces.


The Tombow Havana Fountain Pen

With the exotic found even in its name, the Tombow Havana Fountain pen is by far one of the most exclusive and beautiful pens on the market. Found for around £50 online, the pen is the Winner of the Red Dot Design Award and the Forum Hanover Design Award.

Being the bearer of two prestigious awards isn’t easy, but the Champagne brushed aluminium body with its steel clip and rubber grip is able to match the grace of any pen.

Used primarily by professionals, this wonderful present could be one of your mum’s favourite Mother’s Day gifts.

Visconti Van Gogh Rollerball Pen

Taking a detour from the world of the fountain pen, this wonderful rollerball evokes absolutely everything that a pen should; grace, creativity and sophistication.

Found online for around £145, this brilliant pen featuresa unique colourblend and pattern, which Visconti have chosen to represent one of  three of Van Gogh's masterpieces: Sunflowers, Room in Arles or Starry night.

Featuring a novel magnetic cap and an authentic Visconti articulated clip, no fan of art or pen should be without this piece on Mothering Sunday.

Lamy Joy AL Calligraphy Pen Set

If your mother is a fan of beautiful handwriting, as many of us surely are, then there shall be no better gift than this wonderful Calligraphy set; designed, manufactured and sold with the sole intent of making beautiful writing.

Featuring three interchangeable nib units (1.1, 1.5 and 1.9mm) along with a resin barrel fountain pen and aluminium cap, your Mother is sure to enjoy the full delights of what she can achieve with her wrist.

Available for as little as £36.50, this is one pen set that no son or daughter would want to pass.

Caran d’Ache Ecridor Fountain Pen

One of the most expensive pens on the list, this piece is by far one of the most elegant and ethereal pieces within any collection.

With a Rhodium plated steel nib and ‘chevron’ engraved barrel, the piece will offer not only to be not only the best Mother’s Day gift of 2013, but quite possibly, of her life.

Yours for the modest price of £120 at online pen shops, the pen comes in a unique presentation case and is available with a fine, medium and broad nib widths.

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