Luxury Skincare in Beverly Hills: Kaplan MD

Kaplan MD

 Kaplan MD is a skincare brand that uses plant stem cell technology to slow the aging process and to stimulate collagen production. I have gotten the opportunity to try this skincare and I have to say that I am impressed.  I used my normal cleanser, so I really can say anything about the cleanser because I have not tried it, but the Clarifying toner I love,it is infused with rosewater(one of my favorite ingredients) ginger root and 22 to other certified organic ingredients to tighten and refine the skin. The next item I used was the Cell Renewing Micro Exfoliant this really exfoliated and clarified my skin. It contains, jojba beads, date seeds and fruit enzymes. This exfoliant was very balanced, usual, with my ultra-sensitive skin I usually have to add oil to buffer the harsh abrasives in exfoliators today.  The firming masks was next on my list and this mask actually does what it says it does, it actually firms and tightens on the skin and it is left glowing, with continued use it also fades discoloration.  Last but not certainly least, Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate, I have to say is my favorite, Dr. Kaplan’s breakthrough research has combines the power plant stems and organic extracts that stimulates collagen production. I like that fact that it Hyaluronic Acid of which we have in own bodies.   The beautiful thing about the performance of this product is that the skin recognizes the ingredients immediately. I feel everyone should go out and purchase this product. It’s available at Bergdorh Goodman and Neiman Marcus.                     

Alicia D.

Alicia Denise is a Spa Consultant to many companies in the skincare industry. She has been recognized in several media outlets such as Daily Candy and the Examiner. CBS Paramount sought her out due to an Italian facial treatment called 'The Iron Mask' for the Doctor's TV Show. She assisted with the segment 'Extreme Ways to look good and Feel Great'. Beauty is her passion! She has worked with ...(Read More)

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