Luxury Styles and Status Symbols: Where They Came From

The It Bag

We all like a bit of luxury in our lives. I take a look back through history at two of the biggest status symbols, chandeliers and the must-have ‘It’ bag, to find out just what makes them so special...


Designer Handbags

The designer handbag has been the luxury symbol for the past five years. The explosion of the ‘It’ bag and flagship fashion mania is dying down but not out. So what’s the connection with the recession and designer handbag madness?

Turns out that historically, times of recession made fashion houses go into world-wide panic. How would they remain a high status symbol and maintain sales? Well, they began making the It bag.

With lower classes having credit available to them from the 90s onwards, fashion houses began advertising aspiration living to the common woman. ‘Get now and pay later’ for a signature piece was in, saving and buying later was out.

Back in the day, only the richest of the rich could even step into a designer shop, let alone go in and buy something.  To find out where each designer It bag sprung from click here.



Chandeliers originated from the fifteenth century. The medieval chandeliers were a lot less decorative and featured just a sealed wooden cross with a series of candles on them. They were only owned by the incredibly wealthy and were hoisted up on a rope and hung for special occasions only.

The ring and crown designs came later when members of the clergy and noble men really started to splash their cash. The sheer cost of a chandelier, fully lit for an evening, could cost a whole year’s wages.

Today, the price isn’t much different. It definitely screams luxury more than averagewall lights but with rising electricity prices expect an extortionate bill at the end of the month!


Do you know of any other luxury status symbols and the history behind them? 


Estelle Page is a thirty something interior designer with a passion for high class, luxury design. She currently blogs for Luma Lighting where you can pick up an affordable yet beautiful chandelier for your home!


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