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Abercrombie & Kent tour the world by private jet

Abercrombie & Kent is a luxury travel company which arranges a variety of trips and unusual exploration holidays for people of means. The most popular trips that A&K operate include river cruises and canal cruises, exploring the Arctic, luxury villa rentals and access to the occasional private island for the more discerning of guests.

Founded in 1962, Kent still sometimes runs a guided tour or trip himself when the occasion calls for it. The “Around the World with Geoffrey Kent by Private Jet” trip is certainly one that qualifies. The trip will begin on October 6, 2014 which gives you ample time to plan ahead. The private jet trip will stop off in nine countries, across five continents, with over 26 days.

Least accessible and visited places on Earth

This exclusive guided trip is open to just 50 guests who wish to see some of the least accessible and infrequently visited places on Earth. The primary transport will be a privately chartered Boeing 757-200ER. The jet has been reorganised to include 50 spacious VIP leather seats with a seat recline of 60 degrees for easy napping during the flights. A separate SkyLounge lets passengers sharing good conversation over a glass of something vintage from the bar.

Only the most well appointed lodgings

Each A&K excursion has that touch of luxury with passengers being very well taken care of during the trip. As for accommodation, only the most well appointed lodgings are used, with quality dining choices available to all.

A&K's “Travelling Bellboy” service takes care of the luggage, so bags are taken directly from the hotel room and transported for you without the need to deal with them. Each trip is carefully put together to reduce the travel inconveniences and hassles involved during international travel. This way, every participant has the maximum amount of time to enjoy the 26 days of luxurious travelling experience across 5 continents.

Providing a luxury travel experience is nothing new to A&K. Luxury train journeys with the company often feature a white glove dining service, exotic culinary experiences, a terrific wine and spirits selection, and more often than not special guests who can provide insights into the local area.

Four Seasons in Miami begins the journey

At the beginning of the trip, the passengers congregate at the Four Seasons in Miami. Geoffrey Kent, the A&K Chairman and CEO, will host a dinner to welcome the guests. The tour staff will then be properly introduced.

Once the journey begins, it's off to South America by private jet to visit Peru. A three-day cruise of the Amazon awaits abroad two luxury river ships which are outfitted with spacious staterooms and all amenities. The Amazon, of course, has rainforests with an ecosystem that supports a third of the wildlife specifies on Earth.

There will be excursions through the forest with naturalist guides who can explain how the bio-diversity supports so much life in one place. Back on board, a unique dinner will be created by celebrity chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino.

Easter Island

Easter Island is the next stop, staying at the Explora Rapa Nui which is the best accommodation on the island. From there, you'll visit Samoa, followed by Papua New Guinea. The Huli Wigmen tribe will play host with a demonstration of local industry and various performances by the tribes people.

From there, a slight change of pace finds us in Bali, the tropical island in Indonesia. Get close-up with Komodo Dragons and explore Buddhist temples. The stay in Bali will be at the Four Seasons Kimbaran Bay which sets a new standard for the Four Seasons in Indonesia. Each room has its own indoor and outdoor space with complete privacy.

Sri Lanka is next on the itinerary. Famous for their tea plantations and treasured blue sapphires. A&K will have rare stone experts on hand in case you wish to make a purchase.

Madagascar, primates, lemurs and more

Then it's off to Madagascar to see the primates, lemurs and more. From there, you'll fly to Kenya for a luxury three-day safari in Masai Mara. The safari is accommodated using luxury tented camps, porters and all other details taken care of.

The experience in Masai Mara will include game drives in open-top vehicles, a stroll in the bush to get up close and personal, and lastly a hot air balloon ride to take in the stunning surroundings from the air.

South of France helicopter transport

Next we fly to Nice, with a helicopter on hand to see the sights of the French Riviera, then on to Monaco for to a little exploring in this tax haven, followed by an evening spent at the Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo. A farewell breakfast the next morning, is then followed by a private jet flight back to the States.

Many of the places visited along the journey are only made possible with the flexible use of a private jet. Special arrangements have been made to provide a luxury experience at all times while being close to nature and experience the best that each destination has to offer.

The trip has double occupancy available for $105,000 with an extra $15,000 charge for single travellers. All hotels, transfers, local guides, boat transportation, and almost every meal along the way is included in the above price.

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