Luxury yacht equipped with Bang and Olufsen goodness

The ultra exclusive sound systems of the famous Bang & Olufsen have finally trend into new waters with their recent partnership with Danish Yachts from Skagen in Denmark. Their technical superiority was proven once again to be flawless. The new AeroCruiser 38 II known as the Shooting Star was completely equipped with their audio and video technology that has now set a bench mark in the international superyacht industry. The company’s impeccable class, superior quality and finish make them perfect for glamming up superior luxury yachts with extra style. The installation included the top end latest equipment of the BeoVision 10, a BeoVision 7, a BeoVision 4, a BeoCenter 2 and BeoLab 3 loudspeakers.

The highlight of their work was the BeoVox 2 in-wall / in-ceiling loudspeakers which give the user full control over where the sound can be directed towards. And of course with the range of exclusive materials, finishes and overall craftsmanship, there is no doubt that Bang & Olufsen’s journey towards newer and more exciting sound destinations is just beyond that horizon. Bon Voyage!

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