Magic with a Little Laughter in San Francisco

How would you like to spend an evening being mesmerized and laughing the night away?  If that's what your looking for the you need to check out the comedy scene at the famous and historical Marrakech Magic Theater.  Don't expect to sit in the corner and be a wall flower. That just won't happen!  This is a one of a kind close up show with audience participation expected.  So jump in and have the time of your life.

About one hour before the show expect to share some time with the owner/magician Peter Morrison in the Sultan's Oasis Lounge.  Drinks and appetizers are available during this time.  The appetizer menue is filled with their signature dishes and the drink and wine lists are pretty impressive too.  You will also enjoy some pre-show entertainment to keep you entertained prior to the main show.

The main show room being so intimate in nature has seating for approximately 42 guests so every seat is a good seat.  Make sure you get your tickets in advance as you don't want to miss this fun filled show.  By the way,  if you didn't fill up on appetizers and your still hungry, then check out the famous Marrakech Restaurant right next door. (Moroccan food of course!)

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