Make-up for those days when you can't do make-up

At 8:30 am every morning you’ll find me hopping around my house with one leg in my work trousers, trying to haphazardly button my shirt and shove half burnt toast (also known as my breakfast) down my throat. If only I had three hands…I don’t know about you but I sleep right through my alarm. What? They call it beauty sleep for a reason! Don’t hate. Anyway, I think it’s safe to assume I almost never have time for make-up most mornings. I’d probably save up on a lot of time if I had that third hand but I can’t dwell on that right now! SO! Let’s get on to my oh-my-God-I’m-so-late! make-up tips, shall we? Puffy eyes be gone! After a sleepless night I walked into work the next morning only to have a colleague nudged me and ask me, smirking, “Had a few too many drinks last night?” I. Was. Mortified. I was tired and exhausted and my eyes looked it! Goodie. Ever since then I’ve found a foolproof way in which you could ‘depuff’ your eyes in less than ten minutes. Have a bag of frozen peas in your refrigerator? Cover the bag in a thin cloth and place it on your eyes for about ten minutes. Hold your head upright to help reduce the puffiness. Similarly, you can also soak a washcloth in cold chamomile tea and place it on your eyes for ten minutes. This should help reduce the puffiness just in time for you to step out of the house. Panda eyes I love pandas, but I don’t want to look like one of them. If you have under eye circles, you have come to the right place. Use an eye cream with light reflecting pigments to brighten the skin. An eye cream with alpha hydroxy acid will help lighten unwanted pigment. You then use a concealer with a yellow undertone to conceal the bluish-purple skin below your eyes. Use your ring finger to blend the concealer into your skin and let it settle for a few minutes, then apply the foundation. Can’t do without eyeliner, no siree! Eyeliner is so versatile and so I rarely step out of the house without eyeliner. My go-to look is the winged eyeliner that I’ve mastered over the last few years of constant application and lucky for you the Internet is full of YouTube tutorials that you can use to perfect your skills. Beginners can actually use tape to get the perfect winged eyeliner before they master the skill. Here’s an interesting tutorial using tape that might help. Mile long eyelashes We’re nearing the end of my make-up routine. But a sure-fire way of making your eyes pop is by applying a generous coat of mascara. ELF Studio’s 3-in-1 mascara is a personal favorite, but you can of course choose the one you like depending on your needs; lengthening, volumizing, or even both. Pour some blush on me Your cheeks need color. And you can’t really go wrong with fuchsia or cherry blossom pink blushes. These shades add the right amount of color to your cheeks, without looking obscene. Women with darker skin tones could opt for a bronzer as well. This will give your skin a warm, sun-kissed glow. Remember to apply it to the apples of your cheeks in light, soft strokes. I usually apply a quick stroke of sheer lip gloss to my lips before hopping out. But if time allows it, do go right ahead and apply a lipstick of your choice. I would always recommend washing your face and moisturizing it before bedtime every night, so that it can seep into your skin and work its magic before you start yet another day. Just so you know this entire make-up application takes about 10-15 minutes (if I’m not dealing with under-eye bags) and I’m out the door in no time. Perfect your style and pretty soon you’ll be applying your make-up in less than 5 minutes every day!

Can?t do without eyeliner, no siree!

Mile long eyelashes


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