Makeup inspiration: celebrities

We are bringing you an article in which we'll present the favorites makeup creations among the celebrities. If you want to know who they are, keep reading.

We cannot not to mention Kim Kardashian. Although she often wear too much makeup and looks like she's wearing 3 pairs of eyelashes on each eye, but sometimes she "hits" it right on the mark. Her makeup looks wonderful, neat, glamorous and feminine.

Surprisingly, but true - in this article a place was found for Miley Cyrus. We decided to overcome prejudices and give this girl credit, because most of the times her makeup is really beautiful. Maybe not the most appropriate for her age, but still we are talking about the old Hollywood makeup style, and in that context it makes no sense to discuss. She looks nice and neat with accented lips and eyes, but all together again is not blatant.

To take a break from the "loud" makeup from the beginning, the following are two gentle blondes with even softer makeup. Rachel McAdams who likes lovely purple eye shadow and sophisticated partial lashes at the outer corners. The base she has is seamless and breathable, lips and cheeks too. We must add that we really like the fact that we can see the moles on her face. It just adds to the freshness and "naturalness" of the entire makeup and in our opinion it immediately raises her one class above.

January Jones wears bolder makeup, mostly because of black eyeliner and a stronger contouring of the cheeks (with bronze blush). The golden-bronze highlights her ​​beautiful blue eyes. All this somehow reminds us of Egypt and Pharaoh.

The following are two girls who look great with the smokey look. Emmy Rossum wears the classic smokey eyes with false eyelashes, neutral cheeks and lips (you can also get a beautiful eyelashes at Elegant Lashes). This makeup is ideal for many occasions - prom, weddings, outings, coffee with friends ... You will never go wrong with it.

Taylor Swift made a slight variation on Emmy's makeup, she put on the waterline white pencil, instead of black and instead of gray shades she used brown-gold combination. In addition, visible and somewhat more pronounced cheeks which look more feminine and elegant.

Jennifer Lopez is definitely a beautiful woman who knows what suits her well and she holds to that. You will hardly see her with minimal makeup on the eyes and berry lipstick, but that does not even have to be bad. It would be bad if she does her makeup the way it doesn't fit her, don't you think? The only thing that really can bother sometimes is when her makeup has that excessive shine; this woman can sometimes shine like a gold medal.

Rose Byrne, however, looks much more formal with light-brown pencil on waterline, which highlights her beautiful eye color.

Finally, one example of a beautifully made-up woman in her late thirties, Kate Winslet. An ideal makeup example for mature women, fresh, feminine and modest makeup. The eyes are wonderfully accentuated with pencil on the upper lid and visually increased light pen on waterline. She brushes her eyebrows upwards to "accentuate" the contours, complexion is even and she often uses neutral lip gloss on her lips.

Kerry Washington is an example of a dark-skinned woman in her thirties who has nice makeup. She usually carries a rich, red lipstick, some heavier eye makeup and dewy base. Her makeup is very fresh and airy.

We remain at the moderate makeup, what often Jessica Alba wears. She found her place in this article solely because of her orange lipstick. Hue was wonderful, the orange on her lips conflicts with peachy dress. Not everything always needs to be coordinated and "by the book", the changes are always welcome.

Ashley Greene in terms of makeup looks like of Alba. She wears all sorts of makeup, so one day you can see her only with the airy base and false lashes, and the other day she will have the rock smoky eyes, dark lipstick, etc.

We came to the last pair. Again, the main factor is makeup on the eyes, while the lips and the rest of the face are in the background. Mila Kunis outlines her eyes with black eye pencil and applies dark shades on her eyelids. Emma Stone, however, opts for silver-blue metallic smokey eyes, which she spices up with dewy cheeks and pink lips.

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