How To Throw The Best RV Party


Honest question: Have you ever been to an RV party? If you answered yes, then we here at Quality RV are impressed, and we’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below. If not however, you’re not alone. Most people, we think it’s safe to say, haven’t ever been to something that would qualify as an RV party, and we think that’s an unfortunate reality that needs to change.

           The first step to winning the war for RV parties? Make RV parties better and more frequent, the latter goal being almost inextricably tied to the success of the former. With this in mind, following are some tips to make your next RV party (and all RV parties to come) truly wondrous occasions.

Don’t Make It About The RV

            We hate to break it to you, but it’s true: Not everyone is as thrilled about your RV as you are. If you’re going to throw an RV party, the first thing you’ll need to make sure if that you don’t make the party all about the RV. Have a sports game on, a movie, or have some fun activities going on outside. In fact, a great aspect of an RV is that it’s basically meant to be just an auxiliary to the outdoors, so make sure you capitalize on the outdoor environment as well as your vehicle’s interior. Which brings us to our second point…

Try to Keep Things as Outdoor as Possible

            In the many RV parties we’ve attended, a few have made the fatal mistake of trying to do too much with the interior of the RV, and not having enough to do outside. With an RV, more than half the fun is outdoors, so it’s important that you have games, activities, or otherwise recreational things going on outside in order to keep the party bumpin’. That said, you’ll probably want to invest in a nice speaker system if you really want to have an RV party that’s off the chain. But regardless of whether you decide to play music or just enjoy the sounds of the outdoors, your RV party will almost always be most successful by trying to keep the part of the party that’s inside the RV as limited as possible.

Don’t Be Stingy

           Like any other party, people are going to know if you failed to buy adequate food, provide good alcohol or invest in enjoyable entertainment. Knowing this, your RV party simply cannot afford to be without decent amenities. Now, no one is saying that you need to break the bank and start supplying filet mignons and Champaign; however, everyone at your party will certainly benefit from fresh meat and vegetables that are grilled (as opposed to bagged snacks just sitting around) or a case of beer that isn’t absurdly cheap (think Miller High Life as opposed to Natural Light). Needless to say, by providing your guests with decent-to-good food, drink and entertainment, you’ll be doing a lot better than the guy at the next RV over, serving lukewarm beer and stale chips over a hapless game of Scrabble.


Written by the staff at Quality RV, one of the leading RV dealers in Missouri. Quality RV serves the entire state of Missouri, from St. Louis to Kansas City!

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