Making your international parcel delivery go a little bit further!

You have probably noticed it. In recent years the world has become a noticeably smaller place. The internet provides us with a reliable means of instant communication across the globe and lets us stay in touch with people and events in a way that have simply never been possible before. What’s more, you can find almost anything you want online and have it delivered to your door, sometimes within a matter of hours. The growing demand for fast and easy delivery has seen an explosion in the number of online courier services offering cheap and effective delivery for almost any kind of parcel to practically any part of the world.

The best means of sending a parcel, though, really does depend on three key factors: what you’re sending, when you need it to arrive and how much you’re willing to pay. Knowing a little about the most commonly used methods of delivery should make finding the best service for you just alittle less of a headache.

Firstly, don’t discount normal postal services. Traditional services such as the UK’s Royal Mail continue to represent the most cost effective means of sending letters and small parcels overseas. As more and more national services concentrate their efforts towards handling parcels rather than being primarily focussed on delivering letters you can expect competition in the area of international parcel delivery to grow.

Courier services, by way of contrast, tend to provide a much more rounded and flexible service with regards to delivering parcels abroad; this is, and always has been, their main priority after all. You should expect any good courier to provide a complete range of express, timed and economy services to practically any location around the world. Additional benefits a courier service should provide should include real-time tracking, signed-for deliveries and dedicated parcel management (including problem resolution).

We have more options open to us than ever before. Knowing a little about what is on offer and what to expect before making your choice should lead to a much better service and can even save you a few pounds too!

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