Manish Malhotra Talks Fashion

Manish Malhotra

One of the more impressive male fashion designers from India, Manish Malhotra, said some incredibly high praise about Indian fashion. It seems he also has a true love for his country's cinema, and seems truly happy to be involved with anything dealing with Indian movies. 


Manish Malhotra is a morning person. But well, when you are somebody who’s got to juggle a dozen projects amid travelling, attending soirées and giving interviews, ‘seizing the day’ is a mantra you learn to live by, day in and day out. But more on that later. 

After Hrs got talking to Manish Malhotra because the ‘designer with the mostest’ will be visiting Bangalore this weekend for the launch of the Bangalore-based fashion and lifestyle website, Styletag. And to make the visit worth his and your while, Manish will be showcasing his collection which is his grandiose salute to 100 years of Indian Cinema. Read More


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