Mariah Carey Partners with OPI to Debut Line of Lacquer


It looks like Mariah Carey is having the best week ever, scratch that -- will have the best 2013 ever. 

About time! The record-shattering pop diva not only signed a contract with American Idol making her the highest paid judge on reality television, she also just announced a partnership with OPI. 

That’s right, Carey and OPI will be releasing a limited-edition line of polishes that will launch in January 2013 and who else but Mariah will be the muse behind it all. We know that post-breakdown, Carey’s fashion choices have often left much to be desired and leave us asking: “What was she thinking?” But we are rooting for the comeback of the singer and it looks like she is well on her way to outdoing herself on this one. 

With the rise of nail art as a way of fashion expression, we could not think of better timing for Carey to debut a line of self-inspired polish. OPI is one of our favorite lacquers, we can now only guess all the tongue-in-cheek names the brand is so well-known for coming up with. Maybe: Always be My Baby, Sweet Fantasy or how about One Summer Night? Remember those, ah the good ol’ days.

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