Mark Jacobs Keeps His Shirt on for Coke Ads

Diet Coke

In an unprecedented move, fashion designer Mark Jacobs has actually appeared in an ad campaign with a shirt (and kilt) on. While we're not sure what Diet Coke's intentions are as far as this advertising scheme is concerned, but I'm certain it means we're quickly approaching the end of the world. 


Marc Jacobs dons his signature kilt and puts his toned muscles to work in a new advertising campaign for Diet Coke that breaks this week in various European markets. Print placements in the U.K. include Glamour, Company, Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle, Cosmopolitan and Stylist magazines.

As part of his role as creative director for the soda giant in 2013, Jacobs can be seen hoisting — Atlas style — a giant pop can, atop which sits Latvian model Ginta Lapina in a Nineties fashion look. Another cheeky ad image shows Jacobs wielding a giant opener, dislodging Lapina from her perch on the bottle cap. Read More

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