Mascarpone Cream Cheese - a Luxurious Touch to Each Dessert

Cream is used in many ways including making cheese. Mascarpone is an Italian cheese made from milk cream.

Citric acid and acetic acids are the coagulants that are used on the cream to produce the cheese. The cheese has high fat content and the butterfat makes it an important ingredient in making cheesecakes.

The cheese is easily made at home and it is more of thickened cream than butter. It is white in color and it is mainly used in making dishes in Lombardy. It is also used to make a modern Italian dessert known as Tiramisu. Mascarpone cheese is also used as an alternative to butter in thickening and enriching risottos, an Italian rice dish that is cooked in broth.

Uses of Mascarpone Cream Cheese

The cheese is also used in other recipes, especially in dessert preparation. It is naturally made and so a good preference for a healthy option. It may also be paired with wine. It improves the flavor of the foods without removing their original taste. The mascarpone cream cheese can also be mixed with coffee and cocoa and used with mustard and spices.

The cream is more popular in the area of dessert preparation as it is used to thicken puddings and dessert creams. It is also a dessert on its own and it can be served with fruits or syrup. Due to its natural origin, it should be consumed within a short period of time so it does not go bad.

Recipe for mascarpone cream cheese

The preparation of the mascarpone cream cheese takes about 40 minutes. It is easy to prepare with few ingredients.


1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 ½ teaspoons lemon juice


Put water into a bigger heat resistant bowl.

Submerge a smaller glass bowl into the water.

Pour in the whipping cream into the smaller bowl. The water should be at the level of the cream.

Boil the water – with the bowl having the cream inside – until the cream reaches just below the boiling point at about 190 degrees F.

 Stir the mascarpone cream as it heats.

Pour in lemon juice into the cream while the bowl is still in the water on the heat. Stir until the cream is thick. You should do this for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Remove the mixture from the heat and let it cool for 20 minutes.

Pour the thickened cream into a bowl that is lined with a fine mesh strainer or a coffee filter.

Allow the cream to cool.

Move the bowl and the strainer to the refrigerator for about 24 hours.

Remove and peel off the filter to get the cheese.

Put the cheese in a container.

Making the mascarpone cream cheese is easy and it does not require many ingredients. This makes it an easy ingredient for making dessert and other good tasting meals. The cheese is naturally occurring. It is more common in Italy in an area called Lombardy. You can surprise your family anytime with this simple delight.


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