Meadham Kirchoff's Interest-Piquing Film

Meadham Kirchoff

Fashion advertising campaigns generally combine the best of sexiness, clean lines and elements of luxury and wealth; however, Meadham Kirchoff's latest attempt at selling clothing is a short film full of relatively disturbing imagery akin to how drug houses are often portrayed in cinema. Likewise, the fashions look like the company is going for shock value over style, which is somewhat disappointing. 


Currently airing on Meadham Kirchhoff’s website is a short film titled “A Cautionary Tale,” featuring the house’s Spring/Summer 2013 womenswear collection. It’s engrossing — emphasis on gross — a spectacular, orchestrated mess of baroque confectionery with gilded sugar flourishes and bowed garters and go-lightly chiffon wisps that suggest, in a way, the consequence of certain ravenous pleasures from the night before. The collection reads like an even-more-unhinged Sofia Coppola-Marie Antoinette, replete with dying roses and girls stumbling about upholstered settees, coated in jewelry and feathery bits and bobs. Read More

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