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For many, it is really astonishing to discover about spending adventure holidays in Europe, as many Europeans pack bags to Africa to relish thrilling vacation in the jungle of Kenya, Zambia and many other African countries. However, countries world over have something to show to its visitors. Similarly, adventure vacations in Europe can be relaxing, exciting and tantalizing.

Europe is geographically a wide area, spreading from Iceland to the West, Finland and Russia to the North, Spain and Turkey to the South and Russia to the East. Below mentioned are few countries to consider for involving oneself in a great adventure.


Luxury holidays in Greece have many things to offer to the adventurous traveler, which is not just limited to the thrilling activities but also, let the visitors immerse in the cultural journey, indulge in a walking holiday or learn something new during the activity week.
The one who desires for a great adventure should take a walk to the coast as there are stunning coastal trails, which will be relished by keen walkers. Even mountain bikers can also choose the beaten track, to savor the activity away from the crowds. In addition to this, there are many watersports, like; windsurfing, snorkelling, sailing, kayaking, surfing and SCUBA diving. There are opportunities galore and complements Greece’s Mediterranean climate. The weather conditions are always desirable to do such activities.

After involving yourself in all those adventurous activities, you would need dedicated amenities to relax your body and soul, so know about some reputed luxury Greek Villas that are known for world class hospitality.

•  Honde
•  Villa Kymothoe
•  Villa Achillios


For best luxury holidays Europe, France is desirable for walking and trekking vacations. The country lets you get introduced to the beautiful Mont Blanc region that offers mesmerizing guided walks in the realm of the highest mountain in Western Europe. You love to view the mountain sceneries offering dramatic views of Mont Blanc. There are also beautiful alpine pastures and woodlands, sparkling lakes and imposing glaciers. There are several other alluring walks to Col de La Fenêtre, Lac de Pormenaz and the Tour Glacier. Travellers can leave their troubles in the water by exploring France’s one of the most interesting waterways.

Luxury holidays in Italy can be made memorable by reserving your stay in one of the best French villas mentioned below.

•  Mas Des Champs
•  Chalet Baby Bear


Italy is a charming and intriguing destination to indulge in a European adventure holiday. From the wonderful olive groves of Tuscany to the beautiful harbors of Capri Island to the steaming crater of Mount Vesuvius, Italy holidays boast an outstanding diversity to allure anyone, whether one is alone or with companions.
The Alps and the Appenine Mountains let the visitors avail fantastic opportunities such as skiing, swimming, sailing and walking.

Here are few villas to make your stay highly delighted and pleasurable in Italy.

•  Villa Camerata
•  Villa Dorata
•  Villa Vista



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