Men's Hair Product You Should Know About

grooming glossary

Whether or not you go out and buy the brands presented in this piece doesn't matter so much as you know about the grooming products and techniques each type of product can offer your mane, short or long. While I'm personally a fan of forming cream, I can see these products working well for guys with thicker or longer hair. What do you usually go for?


We've received enough questions from concerned girlfriends, genuinely confused gents, and a couple of crusty-haired bros to offer you this: The Grooming Glossary. In the slides above, we'll list five different types of products: grooming cream, paste, pomade, gel, and clay, and then explain the difference to you. The cold, hard, unfortunate truth is that you'll probably want to have more than one of these guys at your daily disposal. That way, you can change up your look about as often as you change up your belt—which, let's be honest, isn't that often, but it feels nice when you do. You know? Read More

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