Midi Skirt This Summer's Surprise Hit

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Midi skirts are a rather surprising fashion trend considering they haven't really seen any action for quite some time. I rather like the way these look, and I truly hope they catch on with more people than just high-fashion celebrities. They seem simultaneously comfortable and businesslike, making them a spectacular summer look. 


As the British summer falls flat on its face with yet another false start, a new fashion trend is on the rise. The midi-length skirt – with a hemline which falls below the knee and is most often written off as dowdy – is on course to be the sleeper fashion hit of the summer.

Thanks to an unlikely trio of factors including the blustery weather, Victoria Beckham's much-photographed personal wardrobe and a glut of hipster pop stars pictured at the Coachella festival, the midi skirt is being hailed as the skirt of the season. The shape even scored a red carpet success earlier in the week. Fashion commentators praised Carey Mulligan's appearance at the Met Ball in New York wearing a midi-length dress by Balenciaga at fashion's most high-profile event. Read More

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