Milan's Fashion Week Comes To Close

GQ in Milan

Valerio Mezzanotti/NY Times

The latest and greatest designs coming out of Italy went on display in a collection that featured men's fashion, ladies' apparel, shoes, hats, bags and haute couture of all shapes and sizes, but Milan's ever insightful fashion week has finally come to a close. Milan was not alone this year, with competing weeks kicking off in India, Paris and across the globe, but it's hard to oust the king and a sad day when the king must finally be laid to rest.


Henry James, of course, said it best.

“In Italy,” the Master wrote, “we see a charm in things which in other countries we should consign to the populous limbo of the vulgarities.” Case in point: last weekend’s GQ party honoring Jim Nelson, the style bible’s editor, on his 10th anniversary on the job.


In New York, trade parties celebrating personnel milestones properly fall under the heading of line-of-duty. (As the decorator and socialite Robert Couturier once remarked, “You go to leave.”) In Italy, and specifically in this fortresslike city of high walls and hidden gardens, palaces concealed behind blank facades, sheer beauty dispels all thoughts of vulgarity’s limbo. (Read More)

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