Model Anja Rubik Takes Up Designing


Available online and in stores early March, Anja Rubik has created a hard-edged line of shoes for Giuseppe Zanotti. Do you like the way these shoes look or should Rubik stick to walking (literally) in other people's?


ANJA RUBIK has designed a capsule footwear line for Giuseppe Zanotti. The collections of five styles are inspired by two of the model's music heroes - Debbie Harry and David Bowie - and will launch in stores and online in early March. Prices range between €550 (£480) and €1,400 (£1,200).

"It's a bit glam-punk," Rubik told us.  "I love that period in music. I'm a huge Bowie fan. People have said I look like him, which is honestly the biggest compliment. I think it's the high cheekbones. His style was so bold and brave and his music so honest. The whole collection is very personal to me, there is a real story behind it." Read More

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